Unlock the Secrets of Wedding Photography Success at WPPI’S all-new Wedding Masters Summit on March 4, 2024!

Elevate Your Wedding Photography Business at The Wedding Masters Summit:

A One-Day Immersive Experience Unveiling the Secrets to Mastering Craft, Navigating Business Success, and Achieving Creative and Financial Excellence in the Dynamic World of Wedding Photography.

Why Attend The Wedding Masters Summit?

Equip yourself with pricing insights, social media strategies, and essential tools for sustained sales and a standout position in the competitive wedding photography realm. The Wedding Masters help you harmonize artistic mastery with business prowess for enduring creative and financial success.

Learn from Globally Acclaimed Photographers

These experts have shaped the industry with their groundbreaking work, and are here to share their unique perspectives on mastering the art of capturing unforgettable moments!

Hands-On Learning

Dive into diverse photography scenarios at The Wedding Masters Summit, gaining a versatile skill set applicable across a spectrum of wedding photography situations.

Unlock Wedding Secrets

Discover exclusive insights into pricing, social media mastery, and the art-business balance for enduring success at The Wedding Masters Summit.

Learn from the Masters

The Wedding Masters will share their expertise on not only capturing beautiful moments but also on creating a sustainable business model.

Susan Stripling

Susan Stripling

Vanessa Joy

Vanessa Joy

KT Merry

KT Merry

Erika and Lanny Mann

Erika and Lanny Mann

Dan O'Day

Dan O'Day

Dive Into The Hands-On Lectures

The Wedding Masters’ lectures are dedicated to facilitating your rapid and comprehensive learning, enabling you to hone your craft even in the initial stages of your wedding photography business, all while efficiently meeting the demands and expectations of your cherished clients.

Mastering Single Light Couples’ Portraiture

Mastering Single Light Portraiture is a specialized class designed for photographers eager to explore the art of couples portraiture using a single light source. In this class, Susan Stripling will guide you through various techniques to creatively light and pose portraits of couples. Emphasizing the use of one light, Susan demonstrates how to manipulate and control light for diverse effects. From soft, romantic illumination to dramatic, high-contrast effects, participants learn to adapt their lighting approach to suit different moods and settings. 

Speed Posing for Tight Timelines

As a photographer one of the main things you fight is time. Watch luxury Wedding Photographer Vanessa Joy as she poses her couples to get the most out of the time she’s given on a shoot. From varying poses, angles and crops, you’ll learn how to maximize the number of quality images you get during a session, even if time isn’t on your side.

The Dichotomies of being a Wedding Photographer

Being a photographer is hard, and sometimes easy. It’s soul sucking, and soul enriching. It’s loud, and quiet. Exciting, and boring. Being a photographer is all about embracing the light AND the shadow. Come and join Lanny and Erika (AKA Two Mann) for a hilarious, relatable, and honest, deep dive into the life of a working wedding photographer. You will leave this presentation inspired to tackle all of the challenges that photography presents.

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