For five days each year, portrait and wedding photographers and videographers come together in Las Vegas to be inspired. Be a part of this remarkable community – evolve your aesthetic, gain invaluable strategies to grow your business, connect with friends, be dazzled by stories from industry icons and create lasting memories.


March 3-7, 2024

Show Experiences

March 5, 2024 –  10am-4pm
March 6, 2024 –  10am-4pm
March 7, 2024 –  10am-3pm


Have you heard? WPPI, the trade show and conference component of Rangefinder, launched a brand new podcast on February 1. Tune in every Wednesday as host Elena S Blair welcomes photographers and filmmakers from the WPPI community to share stories about their professional journeys, bringing you tips and inspiration to help you grow your craft and business. Subscribe on Apple or Spotify.

Zoom In. Go All Out.

When you need fresh inspiration, there’s no better place to find it than right here. At WPPI, you’ll be surrounded by friends who have faced similar challenges and who can share their solutions. Get your hands on the latest gear and add some of the biggest leaders in wedding photography to your contacts.

Your people are waiting for you at WPPI—come and find them.

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