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on March 4, 2024 

Cost $149

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Each Exclusive Summit Includes:

5 Headline Speakers

1 Exclusive summit bay party with 15+ Custom Shooting Bays 


Get ready for an extraordinary day of illumination and inspiration at WPPI’S all-new Lighting Masters Summit!

The Lighting Masters Summit, led by globally acclaimed photographers and masters of lighting, is an immersive one-day event that combines insightful lectures with hands-on experiences to equip participants with essential tools, techniques, and the latest lighting trends.

Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or a seasoned pro, this event enhances your ability to harness light effectively, enabling you to craft compelling visual narratives and refine your unique style. The lectures reveal the secrets behind the work of these renowned photographers, spanning studio, on-location, and natural lighting, offering versatile knowledge applicable to various photography genres.

Participants will apply their newfound knowledge in hands-on studio or on-location workshops. This immersive experience empowers you to experiment with diverse lighting tools, fostering your artistic vision and enabling the creation of impactful images.

Embark on this illuminating journey guided by lighting visionaries, and leave with the skills and inspiration required to elevate your photography to new heights.

Unlock the Secrets of Wedding Photography Success at WPPI’S all-new Wedding Masters Summit on March 4, 2024!

During this one-day event, The Wedding Masters are dedicated to facilitating your rapid and comprehensive learning, enabling you to hone your craft even in the initial stages of your wedding photography business, all while efficiently meeting the demands and expectations of your cherished clients.

Beyond just refining your photography skills, this invaluable experience equips you with essential business and creative acumen. The Wedding Masters will share their expertise on not only capturing beautiful moments but also on creating a sustainable business model.

From understanding effective pricing structures to harnessing the power of social media, you’ll emerge from this event armed with the knowledge and tools needed to drive ongoing sales and establish a thriving presence in the competitive wedding photography industry. In essence, The Wedding Masters empower you to strike that delicate balance between mastering your art and running a prosperous business, ensuring both your creative and financial success in this exciting field.

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$149 for a Full Day of Hands On Learning with Industry Experts on March 4, 2024