Timi Oshin Studios

Tell us about your growth as a wedding photographer so far. 

“In 2021, I relocated from Nigeria to the United Kingdom because of family, starting all over again. That season was daunted with fears of the unknown. I had to leave everything behind to start anew in a new country with a new client base. I soon realized that principles are global while application will remain local. So, I began marketing myself to my new environment using social media and online blogs. I fine-tuned my work with all my learning to reflect the kind of brand I wanted new customers to perceive. The sacrifices and workshops paid off. From giving out free engagement sessions to lowballing my rates (something I would not advise anyone to do), I gained traction. After my very first wedding in April 2022, nothing remained the same anymore. For the first time in my career, I felt seen and appreciated. I could see it took time, but the sacrifices were worth it.” 

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