Body Image Expert, Photographer, & Author, Teri Hofford is driven to help people challenge their body image biases & beliefs. Through curiosity, compassion, and creative education, she encourages people to move towards body acceptance and self love. After 6 years of photographing 1000s of diverse bodies, Teri realized there was more work to be done in the photography industry. Since then, she has received her certification in Applied Positive Psychology to help photographers work through their body image and mindset so they could go forward and truly create empowering experiences for their clients. Teri has created many different educational opportunities for photographers to learn from including: Body Image Bootcamp, The Boudoir University, the Beyond the Body community (previously everyBODIES education), and her best selling book, The Geode Theory: Chipping Away At Body Image. In addition to her building her own Empowerment Empire, Teri has been a featured educator on such platforms as: Sue Bryce Education, Archipelago Collective, The Unraveled Academy, ClickAway at Home, Tomayia Colvin Education, and The Art & Soul Academy by The Milky Way. Teri’s drive is focused on encouraging folks to shift their focus from changing their bodies, so that can go forward and confidently change the world.

Boudoir Summit

2/27/2022 9:00 AM

Body Image & Business: How Your Body Image Impacts Your Client Experience

3/3/2022 10:00 AM