Natasha’s passion is for empowering; she aims to find the Goddess in every women. She is mainly known in the industry for her Maternity imagery, but even during Newborn, Family or Mamma & Me sessions, she strives to make the Mamma feel amazing.
Natasha believes women are warriors and that definitely shows throughout her portfolio. ‘Women’s bodies are so incredible and I love to celebrate that. Yes the images are important but for me it’s also the amazing experience you give to someone during the session that makes a huge difference. To make them feel like a Queen is my objective.’
She describes herself as ‘always trying to be a perfectionist’ when it comes to light and posing. You can never stop learning and trying to improve. She is very particular when it comes to lighting her subject and has taken as much training as possible to expand her knowledge.
Another joy of hers is styling. Whether she is using a gorgeous dress or simple material, she believes you can make a masterpiece for the wall that will never go out of fashion. Timeless portraiture is always the end goal.
Natasha loves to edit her images and give them that ‘wow’ factor. Editing is a big part of creating the magic of her photographs keeping a certain glamorous style to every picture, although, she is an advocate for getting the photo right in camera so you never have to ‘fix’ the image but only enhance it. Getting the lighting correct and looking for those important shadows is very important to her.
From having always loved to sing and perform, now she has extended that on to her clients now they’re the ones on stage ands is the director. The power of women should be celebrated. Natasha says ‘I just love making women feel incredible and creating imagery that they will treasure forever.’

Baby Summit

2/27/2022 9:00 AM