LaJune KingPersonal Branding + Family of Color Photographer photosbyLJK

LaJune is the owner of photosbyLJK, located in Frisco, TX. She specializes in personal branding creatives, changing the narrative for families of color + crafting the ultimate client experience (on a budget). She educates other creatives on how to craft that client experience through her online classroom. LaJune was also chosen as HoneyBook’s top 20 on the Rise Image Makers of 2019. She allows her personality to drive the session with each client.

LaJune is also the founder of the Know YOUR Beautiful™️ Women’s Empowerment Campaign where she mentors/empowers teen girls and women to own their flaws and love themselves as they are. Her first women’s empowerment symposium was held in January 2020 and was a success.

The Candid Portrait

3/1/2022 2:00 PM