Johnson Wee

Johnson Wee is Double Master of WPPI, Fellow of the MPA, UK and has won more than 420 international awards to datein the span of 7 years entering international competitions, including the prestigious image of the year at the 2017 SWPP 16×20 Print Competition. He is also the ambassador of Canon and Profoto to Malaysia. He travels to different corners of the world to cover pre wedding assignments, with the most picturesque views for his adventurous couples. He is also the invited to various cities around the globe for seminars, workshops, conferences and a veteran judge in print competitions and qualifications.
Hailing from a family with photography background, Johnson never had interest nor training in photography until he failed his academics, and was introduced to this profession by his mum, and everything else was history.

SOLD OUT – One Light Magic

3/3/2022 1:00 PM