Qiya Ng

Barely a year into wedding documentation, Kompactfaen has received recognition from several reputable platforms such as Junebug Weddings and Rangefinder Magazine. The core value of Kompactfaen seeks to go beyond just wedding documentation, but to delve deeper into each wedding as if it’s their own. As founders of Kompactfaen, both Qiya Ng and Kuoloon Chong believes that there is more to picture-perfect moments and emotional shots – there is always a deeper meaning behind each action whether imperceptible or not. The philosophy of “delving deeper” hence allows the freedom to see wedding documentation in a different light. A photo is no longer viewed as just a photo, and the same goes of wedding films. Since then, there has been endless expeditions in filming techniques, photography knowledge, ideation processes and even in painting technique from the Renaissance period. All to find a way to keep to the consistency and quality of the photography and videography works, and at the same time, inject unique elements into each set of works.

RS01 Rangefinder Rise and Shine

02/26/2019 08:00 AM