Anya Anti

Anya Anti is a New York based internationally published and award winning photo artist who specializes in on-location fine art and conceptual portraiture. Originally from Ukraine she moved to USA in 2014. Anya’s been into photography since 2009 and as a self-taught she gained all her knowledge through social media and online photo communities. 2 years later she started creating fairy-tale surrealistic female portraits, which became her preferable genre and a hallmark of her work. Installations, costumes and Photoshop manipulations help Anya to embody her fantasies into a finished piece of art. She shoots mostly with old vintage manual lenses. Their imperfections help her be more creative and achieve that dreamy effect. As a workshop instructor and speaker, she has already taught in different countries. She has showcased her work at exhibitions and been published all around the globe.

MC20 NEW! Creating Realistic Fine-Art Composites

02/27/2019 01:00 PM