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We have developed forms and tips to help us both succeed in providing the best possible industry education. As a speaker/presenter at the conference, you are making a difference! The sessions will provide all attendees with various levels of experience (basic to advanced) with new and creative ideas and tools to implement in their own businesses.

Call for Seminar Proposals

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Your Commitment to Speak

It is an honor and a privilege to be asked to teach at WPPI. By sharing your expertise, you make a valuable contribution to the profession’s field of knowledge and to the individual learning of our participants.

Please view this opportunity as a commitment like any other and ensure that you are able to deliver the session by securing the support of your sponsor(s) if applicable and managing your schedule and clients to keep this time open. We understand that things do happen and appreciate your advance notice in the event of extreme circumstances that prevent your attendance.

Speaker Welcome Letter

Can’t find your speaker welcome letter?  You can find it here.

Sponsorship Instructions

Interested in getting an honorarium or sponsorship for your class from an exhibitor?  You can find all of the information you need in our Conference Sponsorship Sheet

Marketing Resource Hub

Visit our Marketing Resource Hub for a selection of assets for you to use to promote your involvement with the show.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dress attire for the conference?
Business or business casual is appropriate for the conference.
How many people have registered for my class?
You are welcome to contact us to find out your registration count. It is recommended that you request this information no more than a week before the show.

Tips for Effective Presentations


No Sales Pitches

Conferences are for education and not for promotion. Attendees have paid to learn from your experience and perspective and don’t need to hear about your personal products that are for sale or those of your sponsor. And do not teach a class using a specific software, plug-in, action, etc. unless you are going to provide those tools to your students.

Provide Additional Details

There may be various knowledge levels among your students, so if you’re using acronyms or industry terminology please remember to explain them to your class.

Get Organized

Submit all required show paperwork and on-site requirements before you arrive in Las Vegas. On-site requests for models, props, etc. cannot be accommodated so please let us know as soon as possible what you will need to create the best educational experience for your students.

Timing Is Very Important

We depend on you to begin your class on time. Don’t forget to allow for a question and answer segment either at the end or during the presentation, depending on your style. You should feel comfortable ending the class and if you like, let the students know that you’re available after the class for additional questions.

Be Creative

You don’t have to just stand in front of your class and lecture. Allow your students to be participants and keep your content engaging – have fun!

No Infomericals

As a speaker, you are welcome to mention your products or sponsor products, but you cannot “hard sell” or push a product throughout the entire session. We’ve had many complaints over the last few years about instructors who have turned their classes into infomercials. This is so important we are covering it twice!

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