The Reset Series: Personal Photo Projects: A Path from Passion to Profits With Richard Tuschman

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The Reset Series: Personal Photo Projects: A Path from Passion to Profits With Richard Tuschman

© Richard Tuschman

Personal Photo Projects: A Path from Passion to Profits

Many photographers view personal passion projects as a luxury—a guilty pleasure to indulge when the phone isn’t ringing with paid assignments. Yet some of the best photographers have a bit of a secret—they know that personal projects are an integral part of their brand and success.

Join us as Richard Tuschman shares how he integrates personal and client work into his professional practice, and show how personal projects can feed your commercial work, expand the reach of your brand, and lead to new income streams.

The Reset Series: Photography Lighting Essentials with John Gress

© Jason Vinson

After Dark: Portrait Breakout Session

Life after dark can be a scary place for photographers. When you take images, you rely on the light around you. As that light disappears, things can get a little nerve-racking. But when the sun goes down, your creative possibilities actually go up. By creating your own light, you can show the world as you see it without fighting the natural light in the scene. In this class, Jason Vinson will talk about how to act when inspiration hits, how to prepare your clients for the possibilities, and how to find some easy and creative ways to add light and drama to a scene.

The Reset Series: Photography Lighting Essentials with John Gress

© Susan Stripling

Portraits that Pop

So many photographers think that studio photography is complicated — and it can be. But a lot can be created with just one light. In this class Susan Stripling will demystify the process and show you how beauty can be made with the simplest of setups. From shooting through vellum to adding and subtracting light with V-flats and reflectors, Susan will show how you can create dramatically different moods with very minimal equipment.

The Reset Series: Photography Lighting Essentials with John Gress

© John Gress

Transitioning from Window Light to Flash

As photographers build their skills and start shooting portraits, it’s only natural to start using window light, but everyone runs into the same hurdles. A dark and dreary day brings a sinking feeling as you begin to worry that your images will be blurry or noisy as you balance ISO, depth-of-field and your shutter speed on the edge of a knife—trying to eke out a professional image. Or maybe it’s just an average day, and your client asks you to capture them in midair as they leap across the set, causing you to cringe.  These challenges are why you should be using flash. But you don’t have to be afraid of it.

The Reset Series: Photography Posing Essentials with Caroline Tran

© Caroline Tran

Posing for Family and Kids

Despite all of her 2020 weddings being postponed, Caroline Tran has been able to maintain (and even exceed) revenue by doubling down on her family portraiture. The addition of 15-minute family and kid sessions as an option for clients generated over $30k a weekend in family portraits alone this past year.

How does she do it? Through very efficient posing techniques, Tran is able to keep her subjects' attention fully engaged—especially the kids! By breaking up her shoots into 10-15 minute chunks, she no longer is tasked with memorizing long lists of prompts and poses and can instead focus on connecting with her clients.

The Reset Series:  Back to Business:  Primers on Copyright,  Contracts + Taxes

© LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS/stock.adobe.com

Photography Contracts and Copyright: What You Need to Know

We kicked off our Reset Series by going "Back to Business"  examining copyright, contracts, taxes and other unglamorous but all-too-important aspects of running a business in 2021.  With Aaron M. Arce Stark, an attorney specializing in copyright and contract laws for photographers, moderated by Rangefinder/WPPI editor-in-chief Jacqueline Tobin

Creativity in Quarantine Webinar Graphic

Creativity in Quarantine

A conversation with Rangefinder's 30 Rising Stars alumni and WPPI speakers Quyn Duong, Jasmin Neidhart and Caroline Tran, as they share the creative projects that COVID-19 quarantine inspired and ideas for how to stay centered and connected to clients.

Moderated by Rangefinder senior editor Libby Peterson. 

Making Money Now Webinar Graphic

Making Money Now

Watch the second part of our three-part series about coping during COVID-19. Wedding and portrait photographers Alison Carlino, Julia Kelleher and JB Sallee dive into the business musts: staying profitable and keeping clients engaged in unsettled times.

Moderated by Rangefinder Editor-in-Chief Jacqueline Tobin.

Marketing for a New Reality Webinar Graphic

Marketing for a New Reality

As photographers slowly emerge from self-isolation, they must not only reckon with rescheduled photo shoots and weddings—they also must re-examine and rework their marketing strategies to answer to the "new normal" in a post-pandemic business environment. Join us for the final installment of our three-part series on coping during COVID-19 and learn about how photographers Elizabeth Austin-Davis and Elena S Blair and marketing specialist Natalie Franke Hayes are navigating this changing landscape.

Moderated by Content Director for Rangefinder, WPPI and PHOTOPLUS, Arlene Evans.

Fully Lit Webinar Graphic

Fully Lit: A Conversation on the Future of Lighting

Whether you are a lighting master, a pure beginner or fall somewhere in between, figuring out what tools and setups work best for your images is something that keeps evolving, as does a photographer's creativity. As technology innovations continue to excel, lighting gadgets get smaller and more powerful, and photographers' interest in the latest and greatest increase. 

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