WPPI Awards Competitions

The goal of WPPI’s Second Half Online competition is to encourage, educate and motivate wedding and portrait photographers committed to their craft. It is the second of three WPPI Awards, which includes First and Second Half online competitions and The Annual: 16×20 Print, Album and Filmmaking competitions.

Each image receives personal and meaningful feedback from our world-renowned judges. The feedback prepares entrants for each phase of the awards program as well as helps entrants progress on their journey of growth and prestige among their community.
As entrants advance through the competitions, they achieve points towards their Honors of Excellence designation. Each year at the WPPI Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas, the entrants who reach the next level of designation are honored at the WPPI Awards ceremony in Vegas.
  • Learn and be inspired by your peers!
  • Receive invaluable feedback from respected photographers.
  • Be recognized for your achievements.
  • New and simplified rules and categories!
  • Earn Honors of Excellence points!
  • Win a trophy!
  • It’s a fun, challenging and exciting way to share your work.
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